I have questions about Steps to be Healthier

by pom - 20 Oct 2019 04:22
 pom    20 Oct 2019 04:22
hi, im v for almost 2 years my mood was getting worse. im easily crying loud over something simple. whenever i fight with my boyfriend on chatting online, i always crying so loud like i was beaten up. my parents always scold me because the way im crying is upnormal. and my boyfriend also told me that im exaggerating. and there's something i have since i was little. im easly panic at everything. if i did something or waiting something, i cant calm myself, like i feel cold and my hands are sweating so much and sometimes my legs and my hands are shivering because of my nervous. and also i feel i cant breath because it feels like something holding my lungs so tightly. i cant relax myself at all. i have talked this my nervous and this panic to my boyfriend but he said im exaggerating again. he said i make him uncomfortable even he scold me until i cried and hold my screaming. and when i was self harming, he said i was possesed by the devil and i need to wake up and he threats me that he will tell my parents if i still do this selfharm. by force i need to agree because if my parents know i have been self harming, things will getting worse and out of control. maybe you can say i will be dead and really embrassed because of it. do you think im exaggerating or there's something upnormal inside me?
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