I have questions about Journey of a Thousand Miles

by Tina - 11 Dec 2019 14:13
 Tina    11 Dec 2019 14:13
Hello I need a diagnosis of why I feel the way I do all the time and why i do what I do here is the problems im always rocking back amd fourth I can never sit still even laying down my moods are always switching all at once I get angry even with my self I get frustrated and very easily scared my whole body at times random times will twich or shake involuntary my head at times fills as if its filling air an then being deflated I get so agitated with it om always off balance I can't comprehend very well and I can not focus I can't not look people in the eyes i can't explain my problems because no one understands when I read I see things that are not there or I read it wrong I'm not good with math at all can't learn it my moods change so fast on me daily one minute im happy sad crying yelling angry frustrated and at times I want to play like a child pleaae help me with this can you tell me what this is and why it's happening I have dealt with it for years an some times my hands and feet will draw up an the pain is so bad I don't remember anything around me I don't understand what is this and how can I help my problem the medicine im on don't help I take cymbolta and aterax and welbutrin ibhave took other meds that didn't work either what is this problem how do I help my problem i need answers before I go back to my doctor in 6 months or before
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