Getting help

by heather - 14 Oct 2015 03:45
 heather    14 Oct 2015 03:45
I have wanted to get help for a long time and I am worried about getting help and how it will make me seem to others and especially for my future. what can I do?
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Hi Heather,

Thank you for reaching out. I am sure many people struggle with wanting to self-improve and the fear of stigma from others. Let me remind you that most of us have lots of mental health symptoms and we cope with them by getting regular treatment, therapy, medication or find other ways of dealing with stress. If your current way isn't helping it is time to try something different. 

To find ways that will work best for your results, lets first try an appointment with a counselor so we can better understand your problems. Your services are confidential no one will know you are receiving services unless you tell them.


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