Any suggestions on not sleeping well in the night?

by Francis - 28 Jun 2015 05:08
 Francis    28 Jun 2015 05:08
I don't sleep well in the night, and always wake up very early in the morning. Any suggestions to have a good quality sleep?
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Sleep hygiene is so crucial to set yourself up for success before bed time. There is a wonderful article in our blog that goes over steps for a creating a successful night time routine to ensure a good nights rest.  Here is the link.  Best of luck!

Brad    [ moderator ]   02 Jul 2015 21:35

Have a check the link below 

Michelle    [ moderator ]   07 Jul 2015 05:55

Asking for a low dose of some sort of Benzo.. Valium knocks me out (5mg) and I'm nocturnal right now from my manic depression
A regular physician can prescribe it for sleep
Also, playing with a sand garden is really nice.

Michael    03 Feb 2017 11:24

I can not not sleep

   12 Jan 2019 18:41