Blank mind/ slow to every sitiuaton

by richard - 18 Jun 2016 22:08
 richard    18 Jun 2016 22:08
My whole life, I've never been able to go into detail with anything because my mind would struggle to hold that much info. And what I did know was limited. I've always felt like I am a void to the world. I couldn't hold a social life because my mind would go blank and having nothing to say. Im out of the loop to life, everyone can just buy things without question or just enjoy it, people can just get into music and activities naturally. They have personalities. But for me none of that comes natural. When I buy clothes, I question how it would look to everyone else, I use to get into video games but limited them, like anything else, I have no personality. And I wander how people just function and are able to just talk. My mind is blank all the time, and what thoughts I do have are random or when relevant, I stay quiet because if I bring it up. People will be able to quickly call out how stupid I am, at 17 nothing gives me pleasure, and I question how I use to feel joy or the seldom times I do feel happy are questionable to me. I hate this mind of mine. And dont ask how I typed this because in person I can't go in depth like this at all. 
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You did a great job typing it. Sometimes it is easier, and for these people ,I strongly suggest keeping a daily journal of feelings and events.

Have you tried our symptom checker? It sounds like it could be a few different things -

1. social anxiety
2. depression
3. personality disorder (but I kinda doubt it)

Take the checker if you haven't and that will give us a better place to start.


Brad    [ moderator ]   20 Jun 2016 01:56

Its definitely more than just social anxiety and depression. Especially after two years of being addicted to weed/k2. My mind is in its own world. Nothing seems real and everything has the same value. What I mean is material things and people don't give me pleasure. My mind can content doing and knowing nothing 

richard    20 Jun 2016 09:48